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Custom Made Wall Frames - Pre-Fabricated Timber Wall Frames

At Trussme we design our wall frames with you in mind. We detail our Wall Frames using the lastest Mitek 20/20 software. Our detailers pride themselves on providing you with the best possible product to suit your needs. The more information you can give us about how you want your frames, the better the product we can provide. At Trussme me we pride ourselves on communication which means asking questions to get you what you need.

Trussme has the only single pass GNLintel Press in Australia. about_1


How to get a quote. What we need to know ?

1. Get us a copy of your plan (either by Email, Fax, Mail or in person)
2. Give us a call and we can discuss it over the phone

Process of ordering. Do one of the following:

1. Call us
2. Send email with a plan in pdf format

Production process Wall Frames:

1. Quote
2. Confirm order
3. Confirm relevant production details
4. Delivery date
5. Production
6. Delivery




Not every job can be prefabricated and Trussme pride themselves on finding the best solution for you. This allows us to provide you with the correct materials, allowing your project to be framed-up on site.

It might be rafters for a pergola, joists for a deck or some beams to the bbq area. We are the team to help.

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